ur not allowed to be busy youre my only friend

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i’m v happy bc a bank got in contact w me and asked me to take some pictures for them of the local area so i’m going out today to do that and they want 7 pictures & i’m getting £40 per photo which is alright considering it’s the first time i’ve done this so i’m v v v happy

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Video: Ellen’s Favorite Tweets of the Week

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*throws lamp at you* you need to lighten the fuck up

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"I’m used to it"

—The saddest thing you can hear someone say. (via suckingonlarry)
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GIRLS — if you hit, slap, belittle, kick, punch, choke, throw things at, or control your boyfriends, you are the abuser. You are not a “strong woman”, “empowered”, or anything similar. You are hurting him. Even if his muscles are strong enough to take it, a hit or slap from someone you love is an emotional blow.

Written by a girl who’d never hit a guy.

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nobody in college gives a shit ive seen peope walking to class in heavy snow in sweats and a tshirt and flip flops ive seen people wear studio headphones in lecture ive heard so many professors curse its really some next level shit and high school did not prepare me for it

I was not prepared for university particularly this one lecturer that would slip in a photograph of fisting into presentations to check we were paying attention


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 my heart just dropped.. tbh I was expecting something entirely different.

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