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Disappointing Popsicle Jokes

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Assassins creed au anyone? 

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the hunters

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Bohemian Rhapsody is no one’s favorite song, but also everyone’s favorite song. Like, when someone asks what your favorite song is you never say Bohemian Rhapsody but when it starts playing on the radio I am pretty sure you crank it up and belt out every single lyric and you don’t even care you’re so proud.

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Im at a restaurant and theres live music and the restaurants basically full but this guy isn’t getting any applause and it ain’t even like he’s bad!!! Anyhoo I felt so bad that after each of his songs I’m cheering my heart out for him and clapping and each time he looks straight at me with a thankful expression and flashes me the biggest smile and goes “thank you!”

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how does kurloz even eat is it like photosynthesis does meulin water him

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shoutout to every time i wanted 2 kill myself but i spent hours taking selfies to distract myself instead!!!!!!! there will be times you do not want to be the star of your own story but you are the star and it is important to be present or to try to be present, make evidence of you trying, it is not easy to try, it is not easy to exist, you do not move on, you move through, you break down the weight and despair into something tangible and you have to surround yourself in the evidence. you exist you exist you take up space! right where you are! i love the space i take up i love the space my friends take up, i miss the space my friends took up, it will never be filled, nobody can fill it. heavy weights. i will fight every time it gets hard because i know that beyond the stupid fucking grossness of depression there is a big big big endless fire of rage and love i have to share with the world i will not let it go out not ever not even by myself. i will fight every inch of the way and i will look back and i will be able to say i can’t believe i survived myself 

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time to play / feed :D (of course Rocket had made water pistols for Groot )

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we all remember the first time we came across a smut fic

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Cartoon Bully Stereotype Collection

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ParaNorman is so important and deserves far more recognition. 

I think a lot of Tumblr could learn a thing or two from this movie.

they literally killed her it’s kinda understandable that she’s mad

the point of this fight wasn’t ‘forgive them because hating people for hurting you is bad,’ norman made it very clear the people who killed her fucked up and were stupid people. The point was that Aggie’s hate had transformed her from a little girl into a monster. She needed to forgive them not for their sake, but so that she could move on and be happy again.

She needed to forgive them not for their sake, but so that she could move on and be happy again.

Exactly. Forgiveness isn’t for the ones who wronged you, but for you and for your sake.

Forgiveness is catharsis, and inner peace, and even if someone doesn’t deserve your forgiveness, you deserve to be free of the things in your life that bring you pain. 

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'Do you get hot in that?'
‘Do you shower with that on?’
‘Do you ever get to show your hair to anyone besides your husband?’
‘How old were you forced to put that on?’
‘Are you allowed to style it?’
‘You get to take it off when you get married, right?’
Do you have sex with that on?’
‘Can I touch it?’
‘Have you ever woken up with it off?’
‘Is it pinned to your skull?’
‘How do you get passed airport security’
‘How many colors do you have?’
‘I bet your hair is soooo long!’
‘Do you know what the men are saying in Selena Gomez song ‘Come and get it!?’
‘Teach me how to belly dance.’
‘Show me your hair!!!’
‘Do you find white guys attractive?’
‘I know this one guy who covers his hair to. Y’all should meet (;’
‘So what is hummus really made out of?’
‘I know (fill in the blank) hahaha sorry I thought you were her! You all just look so much alike.’
‘Were you born in America?’
‘So what’s your dad’s job?’
‘Do you know any good hookah lounges?’
‘I feel bad you don’t know how it feels to have the wind in your hair.’
‘Whats that thing in the back of your head.’

Ok hijabis you know there’s more to the list add them in.

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I wouldn’t mind catching Porrim under the mistletoe i wonder how it feels to kiss someone with a piercing on the lip ehe ┐(‘~`;)┌


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